What is a Brand Ambassador . A Brand Ambassador is someone of  great influence with a great personality and great active social media presence.  Brand Ambassadors create content using product/merchandise from a company to showcase publicly to their audience to help grow a Brand.


The following are requirements to to qualify as a Leslie Arnelle Brand Ambassador to receive early access to new products/merchandise and free samples.

Qualification Requirements:

• Must have 10K+ followers/subscribers on any social media platform.

• Active social media presence with active engagement (you can have a presence but engagement with your followers/subscribers is key).

• Profile must be public.

• Once accepted into the program, BA’s must post a minimum of 3 times in the same month using their affiliate link (differs per platform and is expected . depending on your platform you will be sent a specific link that must be used to be qualified to receive next sample. Your 3 posts can be the same content across 3 different social channels.

If or when you qualify, please submit links to your social media channels to (email coming soon) 'Leslie Arnelle BA Program" in the subject line.  All information for your role in our BA Program including where your sample will be sent will be listed in your follow-up email.


                                    . Thank You .