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Leslie Arnelle Cares is our way of giving back.  Leslie Arnelle Cares is a monthly giveaway where once a month we award $100 - $10,000 to one lucky individual.

The purpose of this giveaway is to give someone a chance at achieving their dream or to simply have some cash to pay a bill or do something nice for themselves or for a loved one.

Leslie of Leslie Arnelle made a promise to herself that once she was able to achieve wealth that she would create a way to give people what she found was very discouraging in her journey of life and success, a break.

Leslie Arnelle Cares is fully funded by Leslie Arnelle.  We are able to back our monthly goal by taking a percentage from every boutique purchase.  We are truly thankful for every boutique purchase as this helps us change lives or do something nice for someone on a regular basis.

 Giveaway Rules .
. Enter once per month every month until you win.
. If you are selected as a winner you can not enter again until the following year.
. Please be advised that we keep a record of all winners per month/year to be fair + to assure everyone entering has a fair chance at winning. 
. To be this months awardee simply click on the 'enter here" button below.  Please make sure to put
Leslie Arnelle Cares Contest in the subject line and write in under 300 words how winning this month's prize will be used to help you or your loved one and you could be this month's winner!  Please be advised that in some cases we may request proof.
. Winners contact info will be stored in our database (and not shared with the public nor by a third party).

Please be advised that all donations towards our monthly giveaway go directly to our Leslie Arnelle Cares giveaway budget.  No Donation is too small and we thank you in advance.  Please send all donations to sales@lesliearnelle.com via paypal with Donation in the Subject Line or click on the Donate Button below (receipt of your donation will be emailed to you within 48 hours via email).  Please note that Leslie Arnelle Cares is not a 501c foundation.  All funds are funded by Leslie Arnelle and wonderful people like You who donate to Leslie Anelle Cares.
If you are here to donate, Thank You!  If you are here to enter our monthly giveaway, Good Luck!

                                                                xo . Leslie Arnelle


July 2022 .

ENTER NOW To Win $100 Dollars. 

The Winner Will Be Notified Via Email On

June 30, 2022.

Please Read Carefully Our Rules To Win . Good Luck!