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Shantell T.  Oct '21

“Leslie was recommended by a trusted friend.  I needed styling advice for the Mike Epps concert here in DC.  I have great clothes but could not for the life of me put together a look for date night.  I am not easily pleased but she was professional and patient.  I was impressed with the look she helped me put together right from my pc!  Smart move to have VIRTUAL STYLING!.”


Jennifer K. . Apr '19

“Leslie was amazing.  She tackled my disaster of a closet and dresser quickly and effectively.  She was on time and patient and I felt very comfortable talking with her.  She left me organized and feeling great.  Hiring her to take on this task for me was the best decision.  I highly recommend her for any organizing or clothes-related task.”


Nicole N. . Dec '18

“Leslie is wonderful.  She helped me organize my dresser drawers and closet in an easy-to-maintain system.  After she left, I sat in my closet for 10 minutes just to enjoy the order.  She is amazing.”


Deborah B. . Dec '18

“Leslie was great!  We accomplished a ton in the time she was here, more than I expected.  I had used other organizers before and she is the best.  She didn't make me feel bad about anything and she had such a positive attitude!  I would definitely hire Leslie again.”


Johnny S. . May '18

“Leslie has such attention to detail! She has helped me twice for organizing and each time she asked leading questions to enable me to make decisions on what to keep, store, donate, etc. I highly recommend her for your organizing needs! On top of that, she's very friendly and a great conversation partner. Just totally polite and easy to work with.

Thanks again, Leslie!.”


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