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There are two ways you can help us grow through donating to Leslie Arnelle.

Leslie Arnelle Cares . Leslie Arnelle Cares donations help fund our budget to award individuals through our monthly giveaway to help people pay a bill, fund a dream or to simply catch a break through a treat.


Leslie Arnelle TV . Leslie Arnelle TV donations help fund our budget to purchase equipment, pay talent and travel expenses to use for our show content (wish list links below).


No donation is too small.  Please note that Leslie Arnelle is not a 501c foundation.  All donations come from an act of kindness and is greatly appreciated.

Please send all donations to via paypal with Donation in the Subject Line or click the donate button below (receipt for your donation will be emailed to you within 48 hours via email).  For donations received by mail your patience of notifying you is greatly appreciated as we check our PO Box once a week.  We sincerely Thank You for believing in our mission to help the world "live well . live fabulous" through bringing happiness to others through our passion to style and decorate!

                                                                       xo . Leslie Arnelle

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